What rules of dispensation applies?

Dispensation can be applied for a maximum of two players.

These players must already have a dispensation issued by their country or district association or be able to prove participation with the team from the previous season. This applies for dispensations issued due to over aged players or mixed teams or if other special conditions. Age dispensation can only be applied for players who are a maximum one year older.

Teams that have not applied for and received an approved dispensation will play outside the competition and their results will be written to 0-10 in each match.

Dispensation must be applied for no later than June 1st. After June 1st, no dispensation applications will be processed unless there are special reasons. Dispensations that are processed after June 1st are subject to an administrative fee of €25. 

Dispensation can only be applied for via the team’s page at Partille Cup Account.

  • Please note that you may not have more over aged players on the participant list who switch with each other between matches.
  • Please note that the rules for age division must continue to be followed in mixed teams.
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