What ball size will we play with?

The home team must bring a correct size and authorized ball to the match. If both teams agree, another ball size may be used.
 It is allowed to use three balls in every match. The referee must authorize them all. The two balls not being used must be placed on the ground next to each goal.

Ball size used:

  • B21, B18: Ball size 58–60 cm, weight 425–475 g 
(IHF size 3)

  • G21, G18, G16, G15, B16, B15: Ball size 54–56 cm, weight 325–375 g
 (IHF size 2)
  • G16, G15, B14, B13: Ball size 50–52 cm, weight 290–330 g
 (IHF size 1)

  • G14, G13, G12, G11, G10, B12, B11, B10: Ball size 46-50 cm, weight 250-300 g
 (Size 0 according to Swedish Handball Federation)
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